F1 expert: Do not write off Vettel

Sebastian Vettel was able to free himself from his depths. The German was back on top of the podium in Singapore, and in Russia he had the next chance to win. The four-time World Champion has continued despite all the critics, despite the upward trend, while according to former Formula One driver Martin Brundle was never really gone.

In the exclusive interview with”Brundle, who is working as a”Sky”expert, analyzes the current form of the German. I don’t think he’s ever been outside. He just had a bad run. He’s been through a few mistakes. He always had the right speed.”

Only his pole position in Canada would prove this, even the podium in Germany. But Montreal in particular was a key race 2019, the Brit believes. In a way he was already back there, but the victory in Canada was taken away from him.”

To remember: Vettel had shortened a bullying in the fight against Lewis Hamilton and was subsequently proved with a five-second sentence. She finally flushed him in second place. The cheerleader had to wait officially 392 days until he could win again.

Before Singapore it was team colleague Charles Leclerc who enchanted the Tifosi. With the victories in Belgium and Italy, the 21-year-old briefly gained the upper hand in the internal duel. But Vettel found the right answer on the track.” Brundle knows that Leclerc is “young” and “fearless”

“But if you were to put your money on someone now, it would probably be on Leclerc. He’s young and fearless, he’s very talented. Sebastian will have a hard time defending himself against Leclerc,”he prophesied further skirmishes, as last time in Singapore or Russia.

Who will defend himself internally at Scuderia also depends on a crucial component:”With every athlete, no matter how good or bad you are, It’s a matter of fact. It’s about your confidence,”the expert explains. Sometimes it is just against one, sometimes without much to do for one.

Vettel has shown his luck in Singapore since the fatal failure in Hockenheim 2018 over and over again. Because he came dangerously close to Toro Rosso in the round. In other scenes, however, he had a lot of bad luck, even in Sochi with the MGU-K defect.

“This is the way it is in motor sports. A lot depends on self-confidence, you can see that in soccer players when they’re at the eleventh point, in golfers when they’re punching holes. Everything that could have gone wrong with Sebastian has now gone wrong. But I don’t think he’s ever been away.”

Brundle stresses that you should never write off Vettel. It just didn’t work out for him in the last few months, but he was not lucky enough to enter four World Cup titles and 53 victories.” He did it because he’s a world-class driver. With his 34-year-old he is not yet 60, as I am,”smiles the Brit.