F1 TV: The new streaming service

From this season, Formula 1 offers an official streaming service. For many fans in Germany, this is excellent news because Sky, the pay-TV channel, has dropped the Grand Prix broadcasts from the program and the races will therefore only be shown on “RTL” on TV, i.e. no longer without commercial breaks. Now Formula 1 has announced further details on “F1 TV”.

Fans can choose between two packages: “F1 TV Access” is the slim version that provides users with live timing for 26 euros per year, driving order on the track, tyre overview, boxing radio and the most important statistics. In addition, in most countries you can access repeats of the races as well as the offer of legendary Grands Prix from history.

Access to live transmissions of all Formula One races and trainings as well as the entire framework program (Formula 2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup) is only available with the package “F1 TV Pro”. In addition to the standard offer, the fans also enjoy the 20-on-board cameras as a bonus. You can also choose from four sound tracks. German fans therefore also have alternatives to the “RTL” comment and can use the English, Spanish or French audio track.

Around ten euros a month

Prices are not yet known, but according to the information available so far these are likely to commute at around ten euros a month (via credit card). First, the fans must be content to use the “F1 TV” stream of live broadcasts only via computer. For smartphones and tablets you want to return this function in the months after Melbourne. However, the live data can be received on mobile devices in parallel to the transmission. In addition, it will be possible to run several windows in parallel, i.e. the onboard camera and the images of the world direction.

Overall, three terminal devices per account can be logged into “F1 TV” simultaneously. To prevent switches during transmission, use the “adaptive playback” technology, which ensures that the stream adapts to the Internet speed.