“Fall Dresden” questions DFL Plan

Behind the plans for a new season start in professional football, the “Dresden case” again raises big questions. For DFL boss Christian Seifert, the situation is still under control.

The shocking news from Saxony shook Christian Seifert off at the goal wall –after his three hits, the head of the German Football League (DFL) smiled over his face. This excitement was previously unrecognizable on the subject of Dynamo Dresden. With a serious look Seifert wanted to suggest at the ZDF Sports Studio that despite the quarantine at the 2nd grader just before the planned start of the season on Saturday everything was under control. In the fight against the growing doubts at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, however, the 51-year-old is still required.

“We will be with the entire 2 next week. Seifert, who according to his own information was not surprised by the “Dynamo case”, said, “I do not interpret this as a setback. I knew it could happen at any time. We are at the beginning of the reentry. If Dresden goes into quarantine for a fortnight, that’s no reason to question the whole season. We are not changing the goal at the moment, but only the plans.”

Only two of 81’s affected, but…

Previously, on official instructions, the Saxons had sent their entire staff, including trainer and supervisor staff, into a two-week quarantine after two more coronation cases. This rules out participation in the game operation for the table-closing light just like a training session for the time being. The questions about the effectiveness of the DFL concept and the distortion of competition are more than ever in the room –the plan of professional football is visibly faltering.

Seifert is of different opinion, but sees the development differentiated.” Of the 81 games only two are affected,”said the league boss:”There is certainly a size, then it will not be possible at some point.”How high this number should be, Seifert did not explain.

The Dresdner remain helpless at first.” In recent weeks, we have made a huge effort, both personally and logistically, to implement strictly all the prescribed medical and hygiene measures,”said Sports Manager Ralf Minge:”We are in contact with the competent health authority and the DFL, The two Dresden players had been tested positively on SARS-CoV-2 during the total third test round on Friday, and the names of those affected had not been published by the club. Already in the first series of tests there was a positive result for a player who was quarantined since then. At that time, however, Dresden completed the training sessions in small groups.

“This is exactly how it is done in the Guide”

Dynamo has been in team training since Thursday. Against this background, the competent health authority in Dresden apparently assessed the new cases differently from the positive test in the first round and ordered a quarantine for the entire team. The DFL understands this measure.” We have always pointed out that the competent authorities set the pace,”said Seifert:”This is exactly how it is done in the guidelines.”

For the purposes of professional football, however, developments in Dresden are anything but favourable. It was not until Wednesday that politics had the green light for the continuation of the game in the Bundesliga and the 2nd. League given after two months break. The decision was based mainly on economic reasons. Now it becomes clear how fragile the structure is.

At least the game plan of the house has to be revised. Dresden would be on the 17th. May play at Hannover 96, 23./24. May was to follow the home game against the SpVgg Greuther Forth. Seifert stressed that it was in the game plan until the targeted season end on the 30th. June still give buffer.