“Farewell, Start Trouble and Hamilton in Donor Room”

A victory at the end will not be an easy task for Sebastian Vettel. Against the Formula One rulers of Mercedes, the 31-year-old Heppenheimer must also put on a good strategy.

He starts from rank three in his Ferrari behind Lewis Hamilton on the pole position and his silver arrow colleagues Valtteri Bottas on this Sunday (17:10 o’clock MEZ) in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

From behind Daniel Ricciardo is expected to put pressure on Red Bull and his teammate Max Verstappen in his last race. Even if there are no more titles to be awarded at the Persian Gulf Final, spectacular pictures and a race with entertainment value are as good as guaranteed.


Hamilton’s teammate Bottas has been waiting for his next victory for a year. He had to suffer this year, make room for Hamilton if it served his way to the fifth title. The team wants to try everything so that Bottas can finally celebrate the fourth victory of his career, the third he had entered 2017 in the final of Abu Dhabi. Hamilton, too, knows what he has to say about the helper with whom he gets along perfectly. That he leaves the victory to him when he can is more than imaginable.


Max Understanding still stinks. He has not forgotten the crash with Esteban Ocon, who had cost him victory in Sao Paulo two weeks ago. The 22-year-old Frenchman Ocon and the 21-year-old Dutchman Verstappen are no longer expected to become friends on the track. The fact that they are only three places away from each other at the start- Interceptions to position six and Ocon in Racing Point Force India’s car to rank nine- gives the initial phase more excitement.


Whether it goes forever, one can at least doubt. But the farewell of Fernando Alonso should be emotional. After 311, the race will be over. 2001, he entered the Motorsport King Class, became 2005 and 2006 World Champions. In honor of his homeland he has the colours of Spain and Asturias- Alonso comes from Oviedo- on the car, the race suit and on the helmet. The McLaren team wants to be his wingman. The race will be broadcast in the museum of the 32-time Grand Prix winner in his hometown.


For Daniel Ricciardo it will be the 150. The race in formula 1 and its 100. for Red Bull. The Australian, famous for his grin among other things, is driving for the last time for the Austrian racing stables. For the 29-year-old who will be driving next year at Renault alongside Nico Hullkenberg, it has been a season to forget. With one exception: Ricciardo won the Monaco Classic. But no one fell out more often than he, eight times Ricciardo failed to reach the goal. He now wants to finish his jubilee and farewell race with a podium square.


Ciao Ferrari says Kimi Racing Kings. Great emotions are not really expected of Finns. He said there was no reason for him to be sad. They stayed friends. He’s been driving for Scuderia since including 2014. With 39 he switches back to his debut racing stable clean. Still Racing King is the last World Racing Champion of Scuderia (2007).


Constructions such as the huge Ferrari World right next to the track or the colourful Nobel Hotel in Wal-optics always form an impressive backdrop. In addition, the sinfully expensive yachts in the harbour. And the fact that the race is the only one in the entire calendar that goes into the sunset. It starts at 17.10 o’clock local time still in daylight. When the drivers reach the target and it gets dark, the floodlights take over.