Fat: Hope has returned

Is the dominance of Mercedes over? The Formula One test runs in Barcelona indicate that Ferrari is closer. Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel has hope again. My stomach feels better than last year,”said the Ferrari pilot in Barcelona. The impressions of this week’s test runs are very positiv e for the four-time World Champion. It seems that his Scuderia has done much right in the winter and caught up with the delay on Branchenprimus Mercedes.

Whether, after three years of oppressive domination of the silver arrows in formula 1, it really will be exciting again, remains questionable. Where the potential of this car lies today is impossible to say. We try not to look left and not right,”said Vettel.

The 29-year-old was not interested, therefore, that he was in striking speed to Mercedes, Ferrari regularly drove fast times in Spain and was the only team at the level of the team of the past. It’s important that we go many rounds. We did this quite well in the first three days,”said Vettel.

Reliable performance so far by the Reds

In a small experiment his car did stay on the finish line, but it was the only small patzer. Otherwise, the new “Red Goddess” ran like clockwork in the Spanish sun. There were problems with the silver arrows. The three-time champion Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) and his new teammate Valtteri Bottas (Finland) started their planned program routinely, but on Thursday Hamilton was stopped by an electronic error and had to stay in the garage in the morning.

“Too bad I couldn’t drive anymore, But so far, it’s been great days. The boys did an incredible job,”Hamilton said. Four weeks before the start of the season in Melbourne (26th of March), the 32-year-old is still considered a major WM favourite, just as Bottas was already running a complete race routine in Barcelona for the rehearsal.

Hardly anyone doubts, Hamilton will follow in the footsteps of his retired stable boy Nico Rosberg and enter his fourth title. However, there is a great desire for more teams to annoy him, for there to be more tension and spectacles.

Vettel does not make any predictions yet. “I do not have a crystal ball. I only have two other bullets, but they’re no good,”said Vettel, laughing. On Thursday, he only watched because Kimi Reiki took over. Only in the second and final test next week (7th to 10th of March) will the 42nd-time Grand Prix winner sit in Barcelona again in the so far convincing SF70-H.

significantly more speed in the curve

Since September 2015 in Singapore, the Heppenheimer has not won, 2016 there was not a single victory for Ferrari. “Ferrari.” The bar is high, we know, but it’s our turn!”, said Vettel. Mercedes has also recorded the progress of the Italians.” Ferrari is as well prepared as we are,”said Niki Lauda, the head of the Silver Arrow Supervisory Board, the specialist portal””.

Both teams have apparently implemented the new regulation with other requirements for aerodynamics and tyres to date. The cars are much faster in the curves, the lap times are falling and the drivers are physically more demanding.” This is quite remarkable,”said Hamilton,”In the ninth corner I cheered under my helmet, you feel like a child in the roller coaster.”