Favre safe: “Anything is possible” -Diallo Failure threatens

Roman Burrki left early on Thursday during training, but coach Lucien Favre believes in the use of the goalkeeper of Borussia Dortmund at the season finale in the Bundesliga on Saturday at Borussia Munich. “The goal is to win the championship. We will see it on Friday, but it should be okay,”said Favre.

Burki, due to muscular problems in the thigh, had last missed the game against Fortuna Dusseldorf (3:2). His representative Marwin Hitz had played for the first meeting of the Dusseldorf.

The use of the defeated defensive player Abdou Diallo in Munich is “more difficult” according to Favre. Whether Diallo could play was “very uncertain”, emphasized the Swiss.

The BVB lags two points behind the table leader Bavaria Munich in the last day of the game. In the event of a victory in Gladbach and a Bavarian defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt, Dortmund would be German champion for the ninth time.

The statements of the BVB-finals-PK in the overview:

++ How strenuous was the season for you, Mr Favre? +++

Favre: “We cannot talk about this before this game. Full focus on this game. That’s enough.”

++ What are the party plans? +++

Zorc: “It is clear that you have to make preparations. If Aki wants to make a few more rounds, let’s not let him drive alone.”

++ Is there anticipation or excitement? +++

Favre: “The championship is exciting to the end, this is very rarely the case. This is very interesting for everyone. It’s good for the championship. But I only focus on the game.”

Zorc:”We are all looking forward to the game and proud to be there. Of course the excitement and tension on Saturday will also increase.”

++ Does the constellation Gladbach play in the cards? +++

Favre: “You can count well, but you also have to win. We must be prepared in any case. Play high with pressing, a little waiting, but then you 30-40 meters in front of the gate. We must be prepared in any case. Gladbach is dangerous. But we’re not that interested in the enemy. We need to focus on our performance.”

++ How do you track the game in Munich? +++

Zorc: “There used to be the pigeon, but today there are already modern means of communication. We don’t have to sit in the stadium anymore. We have to do our homework.”

++ What are the chances that the title will work? +++

Favre: “Anything is possible. I don’t want to talk about percentages. Anything is possible. We must make a top game and win.”

++ Question to Zorc: Have you checked in with Frankfurt? +++

Zorc: “No, not in this case. Frankfurt is still about the Champions League qualification. If they were already completely out, it would be a different situation. But it’s a lot for Gladbach, it’s a lot for Frankfurt, and it’s a lot for us. There is no need to send a box of beer there.”

++ What are your expectations for the game day? +++

Favre: “The championship is exciting to the end. Many teams want to qualify for the Champions League. It’s very, very interesting. It’s gonna be exciting in Gladbach. We need to focus on this game. We have to win this game. Point.”

++ Favre to BVB staff +++

The use of Roman Burki”should go”, says Favre. Abdou Diallo, on the other hand, finds it more difficult. His use is “very uncertain”, explains the Swiss.

With fun in the season finale

While we wait for Lucien Favre, we take a short look at the training place of the Dortmund. There the mood today was extremely good, as these posts of the BVB prove.

Does the Bundesliga get a new start?

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Marco Reus before returning

After his red card in the derby against FC Schalke, BVB captain Marco Reus is allowed to participate again in time for the season finale. With 16 goals and eleven assistants, he is not only the second best scorer in Borussia, but also the controversial leader in the field.