Fernando Alonso focuses on tyre poker in Singapore

Fernando Alonso, who won the Singapore Grand Prix in the 2008 and 2010 years, starts with the 2018th edition of the flood light spectrum from the 11th starting point. The McLaren pilot missed a tenth of his entry to Q3 on Saturday. According to the frustration of the previous seasonal races, Alonso is positive about this result, especially with the prospect of the race.

I am already quite competitive all weekend. As yesterday, we were close to the cut (to the top ten; Amen. d. Go ahead. I’d say the eleventh position is good. I’m happy, because tomorrow we can pick out the tyres. Hopefully this will give us the opportunity to overtake those directly in front of me,”said the Spaniard referring to the free choice of tyres for the start. As you know, the top ten must start with the set of Q2 tyres.

“To take advantage of the top ten, you have to be sixth or seventh already. Instead of being ninth or tenth, it is actually better to be eleven, because then you can choose the tyres freely,”emphasizes Alonso, who will thus start with soft or ultra-fast tyres, while the direct competition with the softer and faster dismantling Hypersoft tires has to start.

Alonso: “P11 is perfect”

But Alonso does not just call the eleventh starting point “perfect” because of the tyre selection. This is because, as the two-time Singapore winner says, “I really wanted to start from the clean side, because that makes a big difference on this track. P11 is perfect.”

After the 13th starting spots in Spa and Monza were created not least”due to the many punishments against the others”, as Alonso recalls, this time the pace of his McLaren Renault was real –but with a limitation.” This is a serious fight for Q3. So we have taken a good step forward,”says the Spaniard, but also makes it clear that this may look different in the next race.

“We have not changed anything at all about the car. It is therefore the route characteristic with less straight than in Monza and Spa. In Sochi we will probably do a bit harder again, but tomorrow we want to enjoy it.”

Vandoorne: finish station again in Q1

So on Singapore Sunday for the two-time World Champion and two-time winner of this race there will be at least a few WM points. But secretly Alonso hopes for even more.

“Tire wear and reliability will be crucial. We haven’t seen the target flag a couple of times in a row. Tomorrow we absolutely have to do this,”the McLaren pilot calls for and expects:”If the Hypersoft tyres close very quickly, we may be able to benefit from it. Then P7 should be possible. But I don’t really expect the top six to reach the goal.”

While Alonso barely failed at the Q3 entrance and is calculating a lot for the race, for teammates Stoffel Vandoorne was once again in Q1 final station. The Belgian starts from square 18 and is not as good as Alonso: “It was not a good day. My last attempt at fresh tires was completely chaotic on my part. I think I’ve touched the wall four or five times. I should have reached Q2. The necessary pace would have been there.”