Ferrari and Vettel after bankruptcy declaration on the ground

Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari only connect the crisis. The red bolt sinks in the formula-1 average, the desolate ideas of the former World Champion are almost considered normal.

Sebastian Vettel knows the entire keyboard of the Italian media landscape. Often, after a triumph in the Ferrari of the Messiah, the four-time champion of the world, sometimes also “Midas”, made everything gold. Even more frequently, it has been put in the shadows, which at least shows a certain importance. But anyone who opened the newspapers that Monday could have wondered whether the former healer had even participated in the Formula One opening in Austria.

Barely a line lost the Italian press after the desolate tenth place in a desolate SF1000 over the cheerleader. One could get the impression that Vettel was already in the past at the beginning of his last year of contract. There was quite a lot to talk about.

Vettel himself went full offensive and, despite his self-inflicted shooting, bullied his own engineers: “I lost control, yes. But I basically had little control over the car. This did not help much,”said the 33-year-old,”I think I was as fast in the last round today as I was on Friday in the first round with a full tank. Something can’t be quite right there.”

Ferrari is conducting causal research

Team leader Mattia Binotto had noticed the poison arrows, but bit his tongue –probably also because he himself had to take a lot of criticism for the unfortunate communication of the Vettel separation at the end of the year.” Sebastian had more to contend with than his teammate with the balance of the car,”Binotto said,”Now we have to find out in time for the next weekend why.”A new package, however, was”not a magic wand”.

Said teammate Charles Leclerc provided the only Ferrari glimpse of the weekend. With shameless luck, the Monegasse was washed in the turbulent final phase in second place, behind the superior racer Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes and just before the 20-year-old British Lando Norris in the McLaren.

Second place feels “like a victory,” said Leclerc, the “Tuttosport” and “Corriere della Sera” as “phenomena”. But the result, which should cement the hierarchy in the team, did not cover up the glaring weakness of the red racing car.

Mercedes and Red Bull are divided, Scuderia even had its sweet need with McLaren and Racing Point. Ferrari as well as the motor customers Haas and Alfa Romeo lost about one second per lap in Spielberg, with stable regulations compared to the previous year, all other races added. Random?

Since the fraud proposals against the Ferrari drive and the secret agreement between the team and the world association FIA, the negative trend continues rapidly.” It is a bit about engine power and a bit about air resistance,”Binotto said. The competition with Mercedes motor sports boss Toto Wolff at the top may “no longer hear” all this.

Improvement for Ferrari and Vettel is hardly in sight, especially since next Sunday (15:10 o’clock/RTL) at the second station of the Corona season will be driven again in Styria. Vettel then has a lot to make up for.

Criticism of the 53-time Grand Prix winner was there, by the way, mainly from former colleagues. Ralf Schumacher spoke at “Sky” about a mistake that “only happens to a young driver”. Former World Champion Nico Rosberg even warned Vettel: “You are always only as good in Formula One as your last race. Sebastian is now at the bottom and has yet to prove himself again.”

The options for Vettel are becoming fewer. Ferrari doesn’t want it anymore, and Mercedes has probably closed the door since Sunday.” We stay with our boys,”said Daimler-Boss Ola Kaleninius. It looks hard after the sad Formula One farewell of a superstar. Perhaps at least he will succeed in dignity.