Ferrari comments on Hamilton rumors

Eddie Jordan, since Michael Schumacher’s improbable Mercedes comeback in 2010, has had the image of a Paddock Oracle, is “absolutely certain that Lewis Hamilton will switch 2021 to Ferrari. And Toto will go with him.”

Opposite”Top Gear”the former Formula One team leader expresses his spectacular theory that Sebastian Vettel will resign at the end of 2020’s and Hamilton will take his place at Ferrari. And that with team leader Toto Wolff in tow! According to speculation, Wolff is to arrange at Ferrari that Hamilton will not get under the wheels against Shooting star Charles Leclerc.

“Lewis,” says Jordan, “has mentioned Toto’s contract more than once publicly, which is very unusual for a Formula One driver. Lewis would only go to Ferrari if someone could protect him from the possibility of being pushed out by Leclerc. So Ferrari Toto would immediately engage.”

What Ferrari doesn’t have:”The one person on the boxing wall who can lead the team and who shows the way, for example, how the racing strategy has to be structured,”says Jordan. Toto knows that very well. Racing is in his blood, and he would love to be able to write a name like Ferrari on his resume.”

For the first time Ferrari also confirms a meeting

That Hamilton 2019 met with Ferrari President John Elkann twice was no longer a secret. Mercedes has never explicitly confirmed the rumors initiated by Gazzetta dello Sport, but has also not denied them. For the first time, Ferrari has explicitly confirmed that Elkann and Hamilton have met.

“I think it is now widely known that Lewis has had talks with our chairman,” Ferrari-CEO Louis Camilleri confirms at the edge of a media event in Maranello. He himself, Camilleri explains, has not yet met Hamilton in person.

It is team leader Mattia Binotto who makes the matter more concrete and pours oil into the fire by saying, “It is very flattering that Lewis especially, like some other drivers, wants to switch to us. But it would be premature to make that decision today. We have a long-term contract with one driver, and the contract with the other driver expires at the end of 2020.”

While Leclerc Ferrari is assumed not to be able to leave until at least the end of 2022, Vettel’s contract ends after the season 2020. Binotto has announced, that the Scuderia will decide around the Spanish Grand Prix in May with which drivers it wants to start 2021.

The decision will eventually be made by Camilleri and Binotto, the two make clear. Of course, in close consultation with Elkann, who has had the previous talks with Hamilton.

Camilleri: Speculation by the media “inflated”

They have been “disproportionately inflated” by the media, Camilleri stresses. The meeting was merely a “social event” on the fringe of which a conversation took place. Nachsatz: Elkann and Hamilton happen to have “mutual friends”.

To ask whether it would be conceivable that Ferrari Hamilton grants as many freedoms as he currently enjoys at Mercedes, Camilleri replies: “To be honest, I don’t want to go into that. Like I said, it’s way too soon. We will consider our options at the right time and see who best fits into our team.”

But one thing seems clear: If Hamilton really does come, Vettel must go. Leclerc, the Ferrari bosses signaled this week in Maranello, stands today above any doubt.” Charles says Binotto, “this season has been very useful to us.”

And further: “At this stage of his career it is still very important that he has someone by his side. For how long? This strongly depends on how he develops next year.”It sounds a little like you want to take Vettel with you as an experienced man for another year

But also Binotto underlines:”It is too early to make a decision for 2021. But it is certain that Charles’achievements in the coming season will be important for us to evaluate what will be best for him in the future.”