Ferrari equipped with: More PS for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel and the Ferrari team can look forward to a full performance boost from the UK Grand Prix next week.

How”learned, The second expansion stage of the V6 hybrid from Maranello is built in the bolts of the Haas motorbike at the Austrian race in Spielberg, which has flushed Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen far ahead on the powerless track. The speech is from up to 15 PS more power.

This additional boost should be available in a special qualifying mode, as previously only known by Mercedes. The advantage of silver gave the Scuderia long head breaks. Apparently, behind the scenes, a similar solution was found, which is now line-up.

Ferrari probably wants to test the new drive train for its reliability in another chassis, then equip the red racers for the WM fight with tested material. So far there is nothing to complain about, because Grosjean’s Qualifying Panne had to do with electronics, not with the engine. Another advantage: The Italians hesitate to install new components for a week.

Update “expensive and risky”

Because Vettel uses the fourth turbocharger. From the fifth, there will be a penalty in the starting lineup by ten places. Also Kimi Riding Hook is already driving with the third component. If the turbo were part of the update, it would be a costly and risky business for Ferrari. Apart from the MGU-H (Vettel is in Spielberg at number three) the Scuderia is everywhere in the plan and could refresh in Silverstone at the ideal time at the half-season.

In the competition one does not seem to be able to react at first to Ferrari. As “auto motor and sport” reports, there is supposed to be a Mercedes update in the UK. However, it is unclear whether it is about reliability improvements as in the second stage or whether more PS is waving.

Renault and its top customer Red Bull have just ensured more durability. The French will have to go back to the drawing board for more power. Honda’s innovation for McLaren threatens the next petition round the crisis group.