Ferrari hopes for anniversary in Mugello

In the next few days Liberty Media wants to announce how it will proceed after the first eight Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar. Mugello, Imola and Portimao are currently on a high course to complete the European tour of the royal class, as it remains difficult to fix races outside Europe.

If Mugello is confirmed, the timing could lead to Ferrari on the route that belongs to the Italian team, celebrates its 1000th. Grand Prix start. But this is not the only reason Team Leader Mattia Binotto hopes to bring formula 1 to Mugello this year.

We believe that Mugello is a great race track, not from a sustainable point of view, but generally for the drivers “it is very demanding,” says the Italian. ” Tuscany is also a great region, with all the jewels we have there, Florence and so on. It could be an exciting race there.”

Mugello Grand Prix would be”with fans even greater”

Only at the end of June did Mugello Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc make their rounds in a private test, but in a two-year-old Ferrari. Binotto says: “It’s a route I know quite well myself, because I’ve been there since 1995, when I as an engineer –of course not as a driver –

Even Vettel and Leclerc would have”enjoyed their recent trip to Mugello”, emphasizes the Italian and adds that he would like “It would be even more great if we had some fans there, which we cannot confirm definitively at the moment.”

FIA President Jean Todt, once team leader at Ferrari himself, said last that the efforts of formula 1 to fill the calendar for 2020, offer an “opportunity” for racing tracks such as Mugello and Imola, which otherwise would not be able to host a Grand Prix.” I would like to see it,”he assures.

FIA president relies on Carey’s creativity & Co.

But Death does not want to anticipate something in conversation with”” It would be inappropriate for me to announce things that are the responsibility of the commercial rights owner, Chase Carey, who works day and night to present a calendar,”says the FIA President.

He knows:”In some countries the situation is obviously very complex, so you need a lot of creativity, to see which options are possible that were not planned so that a calendar can be presented that will of course include less than 22 races, but significantly more than the eight races previously planned.”