Ferrari probably extends with Kimi

It is already clear that the Scuderia Ferrari with four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will also start in Formula One season 2019. However, the second cockpit with the Italians is still vacant. However, the ongoing speculation about the Vettel teammate is expected to end soon.

According to information from the online portal f1only”Ferrari will shortly confirm to renew the contract with the current Tribal Driver Kimi Riding Kings. And that’s two years from now. According to the portal, the official announcement is to be made in good time to end the speculations in the hot World Cup fight of the current season between Ferrari and Mercedes.

Furthermore, it is said that the intact relationship between the fat and the cousins in particular should have given the result, The Finns continued to be on the team.

Racing queens had complained repeatedly about being treated only as number two drivers during the races. But he has always been loyal in the last three years and also enjoys great recognition outside the race track with Sebastian Vettel.

Arguments Pro and Contra Racing Kings

The sporting arguments of the World Champion of 2008, on the other hand, are divided: Although Racing Kings with his prudent and clear driving style are considered as One of the most reliable pilots in the field. In the last five consecutive years he went to the Victory podium, collected such important points for the World Championship of Construction and ranked in third place even before compatriot Valtteri Bottas.

However, the 38-year-old lacks the absolute top results, which can be blamed repeatedly. As the only driver of the three winning Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull teams, he has not won a single race in five years. The last Grand Prix victory of the Iceman, who has been directing the red Boliden since 2014, dates back to March 2013, when he won the season ticket in Melbourne on the way to the Lotus.

By confirming the renewal of the contract Ferrari would end the rumors of an obligation of junior talent Charles Leclerc. The 20-year-old has been driving for the clean team since this season and has so far won five top ten positions.