Ferrari team leader already writes off Australia victory

Mattia Binotto feels that Ferrari is slower on the first test than Mercedes and also as Red Bull. The Ferrari SF1000 has so far not attracted attention with spectacular times. Toto Wolff had already said on the first day of the test that Red Bull will be the biggest challenger in the Formula One title fight 2020.

Binotto confirmed that Ferrari is not currently the driving force behind the test journeys. I’m not as optimistic as I was last year. The others are faster than we are,”says the Ferrari team leader. Are we worried? Of course, because we are not as fast as we would like to be.”

Although he warns that it is very early to make a statement, he is already practicing in perseverance words:”It will be a long season. There is a lot of time to catch up.”

Ferrari continues to believe in the”potential”

The Italian replies to the question of whether the Ferrari SF1000 can beat the Mercedes W11,”I think Ferrari will be able to beat them over the season. Will Ferrari beat her in Australia? Maybe not.”This is also because the Ferrari is already almost on the Australian test runs – So there will be hardly any updates until the season air raid.

“We have seen that Mercedes and Red Bull are very fast,”says the 50-year-old.”We have seen that Mercedes and Red Bull are very fast,”says the 50-year-old. But I think we won’t see the real performance until next week or in Australia. I think the potential is there. The most important thing will be to develop the package in the right direction.”

On the first test day at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Charles Leclerc was still at his eighth best under way. On the second day, Sebastian Vettel came in sixth grade, faster than Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes, but behind the Red Bull by Alex Albon and some other teams.

For Binotto, however, something quite different is important: “These three days were very important to us, Because at least we collected all the necessary data.”Sebastian Vettel’s engine damage on Friday morning did not change that either. In the afternoon he was on his way again.