Ferrari with record winning in the first quarter

Sebastian Vettels Race Station Ferrari is satisfied with the start of the season after four races.

Ferrari has worked hard for the season 2017 and the results so far are encouraging –five top positions in four races with two Grand Prix won by Sebastian Vettel”, According to a press release by Scuderia.

After his second place last in Russia, Vettel leads the World Championship with a 13-point lead on Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton.

Ferrari also published his quarterly results on Thursday. The race car company has completed the first quarter of 2017 with a record win. The profit rose by 60 percent to 124 million euro compared to the 2016 comparison period, the Maranello Group reported.

Turnover increased by 21.5 percent to 821 million euro. Ferrari also confirmed its economic goals for the total year 2017, in which 8.400 cars are to be sold. Turnover is expected to increase to three billion euro.