FIA-PK: Alonso has laughter on his side

The traditional FIA press conference on Thursday before the race does not always have to be a dry mandatory event of formula 1 2016, proved by the well-humored Fernando Alonso in Barcelona.

When the Spaniard is approached on the Red Bull driver exchange between Max Verstappen and Daniil Kwjat, The McLaren pilot has the laughter of the journalists present on his side and jokingly asks Lewis Hamilton sitting next to him: “Did you know t hat?”

Back in the seriousness of life, the man who is sitting next to him says: McLaren pilot left: “That’s their business. It was definitely a surprise. But they do a really good job –also in the search for new talents that get such a chance.”

After the press conference follows the usual course and other drivers come to speak, the Spaniard seems to have already switched off internally. When the microphone is pointed at him again, the Spaniard smiles: “I did not expect any more questions!” Once again big laughter breaks out in space –at this moment he has his cap in his hand for a short time instead of on his head.

The question of a reporter whether a large or small team would be more advantageous for a Formula One debutante, the 34-year-old still answers: “There is no mathematics in Formula 1, who predicts what is the best way. You can benefit from both scenarios. In a small team, you can try without too much pressure. But if you have the opportunity to start a big team, you can prove your talent directly and have a good chance of becoming World Champion later.”

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