First time since 2006 no Ferrari in the target

Sebastian Vettel would not have written this story in his first Ferrari year. For the first time since April 2nd in Australia, both cars of the Italian Formula One tradition team did not reach the destination.

I have already apologized,”said the 28-year-old Heppenheimer. Nearly 20-laps before the end of the Grand Prix of Mexico, Vettel had placed his Ferrari in the line definition.

Prior to that, Kimi was eliminated from the race after a collision. We have already managed to touch the sky this year. Today we have landed on the ground,”philosophical team leader Maurizio Arrivabene. Vettel’s conclusion was less lyrical: “The car was good, only the drivers were not.” VIDEO –>

How good the car was, the top speed proved. With 366-hour miles, Vettel was on one. In second place in the World Cup classification, however, he is off, Mexico winner Nico Rosberg is now 21-points ahead of him.

Vettel is quite sure: “Regardless of the setback after a platform to the start of the race and the wild pick-up of Mexico after two mistakes, with a view to the World Cup 2016, however:”From the performance, which we have shown all season, it is clear that next year we will fight for the titles.”

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