Flensburg collects bitter last-minute bankruptcy

The SG Flensburg Handewitt has won a damper in the Champions League on the way to the hoped-for eighth finals. Towards the Paris Saint-Germain Starensemble for National Team Captain Uwe Gensheimer Flensburg lost after a match at eye level with 33:34 (18:15).

The decisive hit for the guests reached seconds before the end of Nedim Remili from the right back room. Holger Glandorf had previously postponed the ball in the last Flensburg attack.

“It would have been fair if we had shared the points today,” PSG coach Zvonimir Serdarushic admitted after the game. Flensburg’s Kentin Mah e said: “It is a hard defeat, yet we can be proud. We are on the right track.”

Flensburg was for a long time more than just an equal opponent of the French cadre, which was imbued with national and international stars. The hosts were mostly in the lead and came mainly over the outer positions and the circle to their gates. Paris relied on the rapid change from defence to attack and was thus able to surpass Flensburg’s coverage several times.

Lange and Eggert the top scorers

Flensburg then got out of rhythm more and more frequently in the hectic closing phase. Although Glandorf was able to present again on 33:32 in the 60’s, in return Luc Abalo looked like Paris. 15 seconds were left to play when Glandorf lost the ball and after a last break Remili scored the winner for his team.

The best pitchers of the Flensburger were backroom players Rasmus Lauge and left-handed Anders Eggert with five goals each. Six times Ranger Remili met for Paris, Gensheimer contributed five hits. Flensburg IV remains in the Table of Group A. The next game will be played by the ChampChampChampChampChampChampChampions League winner of 2014 on FeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFCBarcelona.





<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(2), Andersson (1), Toft Hansen (1) for Flensburg - Nielsen (7), Remili (6), Gensheimer (5), Narcisse (5), Karabatic (4), Mulgard Jensen (3), Abalo (3), Kounkoud (1) for Paris

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