Flick told: That’s why Cuisance was allowed to stay longer this time

Since his change from Borussia Munich to FC Bavaria, Mickael Cuisance has certainly not torn down any trees. The Frenchman, whose services the record master proudly paid twelve million euros for, has hitherto been mainly used for the second team of Munich. All the more surprising as Cuisance entered the field early in the Bundesliga match against Fortuna Duesseldorf (5:0).

Already at the beginning of the second section, he replaced his battered compatriot Lucas Hernandez. The middle fielder had never completed a full half-time before for the Bavarian pros.

Coach Hansi Flick founded the surprising nomination of the French U20 national player, who is considered to be a difficult character, following the game.

“Today was simply the reward for this, that he has trained very, very well in recent weeks or months, that he is making a positive development, and that is why we have decided today that he is playing longer,”the 55-year-old explained.

Flick further:”He would also have come in early. But we took advantage of the situation because of Lucas’s injury, that we pulled Joshua Kimmich back and then turned him on to the eight, The coach’s conclusion: “I think he did a very good job.”

Cuisance has been allowed seven times for the FCB professionals and five times for the Munich second team.