Former DFB national player on drugs

The former U21 national player Chinedu Ede apparently got into the Federal Football League under drug influence.

“Sometimes you have lost the connection to reality so badly and wanted to do justice to everything that it became a balm. Yeah, well, you can play on your residual drug values, too,”the 33-year-old told the news portal”t- ” The means were “partly synthetic”.

In a music video that the U21 European Champion of 2009 recently posted on YouTube, it says: “60.000 Bundesliga, sometimes played ballet.”

According to Ede, this means that in addition to the drugs, he has constantly played on painkillers: “In case of injuries you were injured you urged to start again earlier than it was really good for your body.”

“Everything disgusted me so”

Ede criticized professional football hard:”Everything disgusted me so. It had nothing to do with the original sport. Those who have corners and edges were measured until they fit into this world,”said the former player of Hertha BSC.

Winning the U21-EM, he was in the frame with Manuel Neuer and Jerome Boateng of Bavaria Munich, among others. In addition, he ran in 28 Bundesliga games for Hertha and the FSV Mainz 05.

Last year Ede ended his career with the regionalist VSG Altglienicke.