Former team leader Horner on Vettel’s greatest strengths

Sebastian Vettel is still the best driver Christian Horner has ever driven for him and the Brit has already seen some pilots come and go as team leader of Red Bull and the Arden junior team.

He has grown up with the team and shown some fantastic performances,”he says in the podcast”Beyond the Grid”. Vettel went from 2009 to 2014 for the Red Bull Racing Stadium and won four World Cup titles in a row. The most impressive thing Horner always found was Vettel’s ability to control and manage a race once he was in the lead. He just got better and better and better with every year he was on the team,”says the Brit.

The more you wonder about the mistake he made in Hockenheim. Vettel was actually in control of the race when he flew off in the Sachs curve wet and took off. But that the German makes more mistakes with Ferrari, Horner can understand: “Maybe the pressure is different,” he says.

Mood with Red Bull relaxed

For while Red Bull said it was a relaxed atmosphere, Ferrari was “another beast”. Under the now deceased president Sergio Marchionne, the tone in the team was somewhat harsh, so Horner sometimes gets the impression from the outside, “After all, Ferrari is impatient after ten years without a title.

Additionally, Vettel did not have to carry the hopes of an entire nation on his shoulders at Red Bull, while Ferrari is often measured by the successes of Michael Schumacher and is expected to usher in a similar era.” You can see that he carries the pressure with him,”says Horner, emphasising,”He is a rock in the team.”