Formula 1: Triumph for the title

Nico Rosberg and Stallrivale Lewis Hamilton will also present themselves this year with a touching duel for the title in formula 1. However, the laughing third in this constellation could be Sebastian Vettel.

On the weekend we go again to Spa-Francorchamps. The disgust of a year ago at the Belgian Grand Prix made Nico Rosberg mature in his own view. At the same time, the 30-year-old wants to increase the pressure on his British teammates and not let the stubborn Silver Arrow Stalker Vettel in the Ferrari take him out of his mind.

Focusing on catching up and enjoying his father

I manage to be fully focused”, Rosberg confirmed before the first Formula One race after the four-week summer break. The prank with Hamilton from last year brought him on.” I have no regrets,”the World Cup II made clear on Thursday.”I do not regret anything.” It’s been a tough time for everyone. I learned from this and am stronger as a result.”

On the question of whether the father-to-be thought more about the child during the Formula One holiday or the catch-up hunt for Hamilton, Rosberg replied smiling:”Definitely about the child.”At least the World Champion was always somehow present in the background.”At least in the background.” It was more present that I am still in top shape and bring a top performance. I thought about my performance,”said Rosberg, whose wife Vivian is due to deliver the child next week.

Restraint on the World Champion

Hamilton presented himself reluctantly in the Ardennes. Of course we’re here to win. But we know that the other teams want to open up,”he said, making it clear,”We’re not going in a race and we think we’re superior to anyone.”

Mercedes is. And Hamilton is also a class in itself this season. With 202 points he leads the WM classification. 21 Counter less has his stable stable stable of Rosberg, 42 Vettel is missing on the British.” The team’s efforts give me the courage to make this our year,”said Hamilton.

On a question about his personal life that he brings to the public strongly through social media such as Instagram or Twitter, the 38-time Grand Prix winner responded coolly.” I don’t have a new way of life. He is now perhaps only visible,”he explained and added with a smile:”In recent years it has gone quite well.”

Ferrari gives”everything up to the end”

For Vettel and Ferrari it is also going quite well. After two victories this year the cheerleader before the 900’s. Racing his team of course wants more. Ideally, the four-time world champion wants to challenge the superiority of the silver arrows with a triumph in his 150’s. The favorites are still ahead of us. But we’ll give it all to the end. We want to make the impossible possible possible,”confirmed Vettel.

In this way, the renewal of the contract with Kimi Vrikkunen is also a fundamental mosaic. After weeks of speculation, the Finnish will also drive 2016 to Vettel’s side for Ferrari.” It is important to maintain stability within the team,”explained Hesse.

Rosberg is aware of the danger posed by the”Reds.” We always expect them to be a threat,”he said. But we still believe that we have the fastest car.”

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