Formula one before the sensation deal?

Is Formula 1 about to enter into a sensational deal? As the Financial Times reports, the technology giant Apple is negotiating a takeover with the McLaren Group.

Reference is made to three dedicated individuals, according to whom the talks have been going on for several months. McLaren and Apple did not comment on the rumors, but already in July there were rumors that Apple had an eye on formula 1.

Why McLaren is so attractive to the iPhone manufacturer? Apple has been working on a self-propelled electric car for more than two years. An area in which the McLaren Group, which owns a high-tech electronics company and the luxury sports car sector, besides the Formula One racing stable, has valuable know-how.

Taking over would not be a great obstacle

For Apple taking over McLaren would not be a great obstacle. The value of the group of companies in Woking, which was the last to lose due to the construction of the automotive sector and could urgently need an investment, is estimated to be up to 1,5 billion pounds. Apple has only purchased the company Beats Electronics, founded by Hip-Hop-Star Dr. Dre, which is known for its headphones.

What would become of a McLaren takeover from the Formula One team around which the group was built over the decades is unclear. In addition, a possible change in strategy at Apple could prevent the deal. Unlike his predecessor Steve Zadesky, the new project manager Bob Mansfield, according to the Financial Times, does not plan to build the entire vehicle himself, but only to deliver the systems for it.

For this reason, many employees have been separated in recent weeks, In the years preceding this, Tesla had been demolished by Mercedes and electric car pioneers. But there are also some Apple experts who warn against interpreting too much into past decisions.