Formula one superbrain thanks to the Brexit near Ferrari soon?

The Brexit also presents the formula 1 with great challenges. Seven out of ten teams have their most important factories in England.

The political battle for Brexit is raging, and this is not ideal for formula 1,”says Maurizio Arrivabene. But Ferrari’s team leader is, of course, thinking first of all about Scuderia, which could be the winner after the UK-EU split.

“I suspect that in the near future a lot of people will knock on Maranello’s door,” Arrivabene said at the edge of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Finally, the right of EU citizens to live and work in the UK is at stake. Seven out of ten Formula One teams, including Ferrari-rival Mercedes, have their most important factories in England. And there are also many Germans, Austrians or French working in them.

The battle for the clever heads in the royal class is conducted in secret but bitter. After all, the engineers are not only the drivers but also the most important employees of the teams. For the silver arrow racing stables work in England around 1800 people, many come from EU countries. But that is not the only reason Team Leader Toto Wolff says: “This is a topic that is very close to my heart.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is watching the situation closely

Wolff reminded me of World War II, and the great idea behind the EU was not to let such a horror happen again. This will unfortunately be “forgotten” in times of rising nationalism, says the Austrian. He too must ask himself whether he can still work in Brackley in the future. We are looking at this very closely,”says Wolff about the Brexit negotiations.

But the Formula One teams are not only shaking about the future of their employees. Can an important component for the Boliden, a front wing for example, be imported overnight and free of charge from England for a race in the EU? How are the many trucks handled at customs when the PS-Tross opens up to a race? Wolff does not see “very pleasant development”, however, he showed optimism. We have taken steps to ensure that goods “do not get stuck at the border”.

formula 1 “lose one of the pillars of British industry”

Renault team leader Cyril Abiteboul hopes that the British government for Prime Minister Theresa May will also think of formula 1 in the negotiations. It is’not in their interest to lose one of the pillars of British industry.’

Wolff fears, however, that the split could have “effects that we cannot yet see”. Uncertainty also drives Formula 1 around like all other stakeholders.” In fact, nothing is on the table yet, we do not know what the next few days will look like,”Wolff says,”whether there will be a deal, no deal or a hard Brexit. A hard Brexit would be terrible for all concerned, I think.”Ferrari could, however, benefit.