Fox captain angry: No one listens to handball players

Hans Lindberg, captain of the fox Berlin, has criticized the burden in professional handball and demanded longer breaks.

“Everyone wants more and more and no one is ready to speculate. The quantitative burden is simply too high,”said the 37-year-old Dane of the”Berlin Morning Post”. Nobody listens to the players. And now also the number of participants at EM and WM will be increased.”

The World Championship will be played from 2021 to 32 instead of 24 teams, At the European Championship from 2020 onwards, the field from 16 to 24 nations will be increased.

The Berlin Bundesliga is currently plagued by serious personnel problems and has recourse to several young players in the cadre.” It is true that the programme places a very high overall burden on us,”Lindberg said.”It is true that we are exposed to a very high overall burden.” We only had two and a half weeks of vacation this summer, which is too little for the body to regenerate properly.”

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