France struggles to win Japan misses sensation

Defender of the title France has warmed up with a 34:23 (17:16) against Korea for the top duel against host Germany at the Handball World Championship.

After the third victory in the third round, the World Record Champion leads the group A with 6:0 points before the DHB selection (5:1).

However, the favorite took the lead in the third round. Tuesday evening in the first thirty minutes was extremely difficult before an increase after the change still led to clear success. Nedim Remili was the most successful pitcher of the French with seven goals. The South Americans landed their first round against Serbia with a 24:22 (14:11).

The winner was Jose Toledo with five hits. For the Serbs, the last German group opponent on Thursday, The Bundesliga pros Bogdan Radivojevic from the Rhine-Neckar Lions and Mijajlo Marsenic from the foxes Berlin were also the most successful with five goals respectively.

The World Cup favorites do not give themselves nudity

In Group B, the European Champions of Spain and the World Cup Fourth Croatia each celebrated their third victory.

The Spanish However, at 26:22 (10:11) against Japan had more effort than expected. For former German coach Dagur Sigurdsson, the Olympic host 2020 was the third tournament defeat. With no problems, Croatia remained sovereign in the 31:22 (16:11) against Macedonia.

In Group C, Denmark and Norway continue to dominate. The co-host landed on 34:22 (17:11) against Saudi Arabia as well as the third success as the 2017 World Champion with 34:24 (16:13) against Austria.

An impeccable balance sheet also shows the EM-Second Sweden in Group D after a 37:19 (19:14) against Angola.

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