Gasly after Hubert’s death: I grew up with this guy

On his return to Toro Rosso at the Belgian Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly is rewarded with two World Cup points. But the Frenchman cannot be happy about it.

He lost his friend Anthoine Hubert in the Formula-2 race on Saturday. The Frenchman was not prepared for this.

At the age of 22 or 23 years you are not ready to live through such a moment and lose one of your best friends,”Gasly is still shocked after the race on Sunday. I grew up with this guy. Since I was seven, we’ve been playing cards against each other.”

Gasly and Hubert became good friends, they even lived together in a room for six years. We were schoolmates, we had the same professors. I’m still shocked and I can’t realize how fast it can go.”

Gasly:”I have to hide everything, otherwise I can’t drive”

The Red Bull driver, who was commanded by the top team back to Toro Rosso during the summer break, has gathered all the friends who knew Hubert for Monday.” None of us really understand what happened yesterday.”

Nevertheless he got back in the car himself on Sunday in Spa-Francorchamp. He had to completely cover up his friend’s death. You have to, or you can’t drive,”he admits. When the helmet is on and you go into the formation round, you don’t think about it anymore.”As a pilot you are mentally in another”zone”.

Gasly went from starting point 13 into the race and profited at the beginning of the turbulence around traps and rakes. He was able to line up in the ninth place between the racing point drivers and soon passed the dashing Haas driver Kevin Magnussen.

Already in Round 13 he got to the box and switched from soft to medium tyres. “He was able to get to the box and change from soft to medium tyres.” That was difficult. We had to try something else, that was the plan.”In the second long stint he finally had a lot of trouble keeping the tires alive.

He was rinsed back to square 15 and fought successively back to top ten. In round 31 then teammate Daniil Kwjat passed him by by by instruction, Alex Albon did not wait long for fresh sweets. It was difficult to keep the cars on soft tires in the back. I tried everything.”

“Daniil had the fresher tires and was therefore faster,”explains Franz Tost the team killer. With eight more points, Toro Rosso can expand fifth place in the designer’s World Championship.

Gasly revises view on safety in motor sports

Not only were the tires older than the team’s colleague, but also its engine. Kwjat did not drive with the new Honda expansion stage, Gasly.” That’s why I knew it would be difficult to fight.”Due to the failures of Antonio Giovinazzi and Lando Norris, he was still flushed to ninth place.

“After the race, Anthoine was the first thing that came to mind again. I am glad I was able to get two points for him.”Gasly was also pleased with Charles Leclerc’s victory, because the two wanted to do well for Hubert on Sunday.

“I told Charles before the race:’Please win this race for Anthoine’.”Together with Leclerc and Hubert Gasley also began Gasly’s career in motor sports.”I told Charles before the race:’Please win this race for Anthoine’.” We ran into each other for so many years and we knew each other. First Jules [Bianchi] a few years ago, now Anthoine. This is terrible news for French motor sports.”

Both were”great characters”. And both accidents make Gasly think. Even during the summer break he discussed safety in motor sports. Then they said to me,’Formula one is safe now. This is totally different than it was before. And I agreed with them.”

In the car he was always safe.” It’s almost as if nothing could happen to us in there. But so quickly you will be brought back to the bottom of the fact.”That is why Gasly has to revise his view:”No matter if 200 or 300 km/h, there is always a high risk of dying.”

As a driver he admits this risk, but only the formula-2 accident on Saturday made him aware of it. Unfortunately, this accident has reminded us that this is a really dangerous sport. I am extremely sad that it has caught one of my closest friends in motor sports.”