Gate-keeper dispute escalates: the rise rises against new

Marc-Andre ter Stegen has further inflamed the goalie dispute with Manuel Neuer on the German national team.

Ter Stegen had no desire for football diplomacy. In a calm voice, but in the matter, the finalist of FC Barcelona heated the argument with his rival and Captain Manuel Neuer for number one in the German gate. What used to be a brimstone has been an open fire since Monday evening.

“I don’t think Manu has to say anything about my feelings and evaluate them. His statements are inappropriate,”he said during the press conference before the Champions League opening at Borussia Dortmund in all clarity. There had not yet been a clarifying conversation with FC Bavaria’s placeholder.

Ter Stegen had complained about his unsatisfactory reserve role after the recent trip to the National Team for the Games against the Netherlands (2:4) as well as in Northern Ireland (2:0) and rated it as a “severe blow”. This was apparently new to him: he accused his counterpart of manpower-damaging behavior.

This again the climber does not want to sit on himself at all.” Football is also suffering, joy and disappointment,”said the 27-year-old, who apparently had prepared well for the issue of the dispute.”I’m sorry. Over the past few years, you can see how I have behaved.”

Newer is and remains the undisputed number one with Lion

With this he wants to”end”the topic, which he will definitely not succeed. Federal trainer Joachim Lion threatens a fight between two goalkeepers with an open vision, as he had recently been between Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann.

There is not much hope for Marc-Andre Stegen at the moment.” I can understand him,”said Federal Gatekeeper trainer Andreas Koppke in the”World”interview,”but it is a position, The clear message behind this is that the undisputed number one is and remains with Lion. But New Remembrance on the Steps, Gatekeepers should “stick together”, is far from reality for once. There is one who lets out his frustration and then feels unnecessarily taken care of by his rival.

Koppke did not want to know about an upcoming dispute between the gatekeepers. He has “no problem” with it, “because nothing went under the belt,” said the 57-year-old. But now the rise of the number one openly offers the forehead.

German goalkeeper legends take up position

The former national goalkeeper Bodo Illgner, once in a close duel with Kope, now sees lion in the duty above all.” Both gatekeepers are certainly entitled to the national team, bringing excellent performance. Now the trainers are required to find a balance,”said the World Champion of 1990 of the”world”.

If Lion cannot reach an agreement in the dispute over the hierarchy in the goal, be it in favor of a”good atmosphere”in the DFB team”better to give up one of the two”, For Jens Lehmann this would then be the stepping stone. If they both play a hundred percent, new is better. He has everything and is complete,”said the former National Guard at”Sky90″. Lehmann also showed understanding for the Stegen s statement: “I think it’s good in principle for players to make claims.”

After the WM-Disaster 2018, Lion ter Stegen had put more bet time in perspective. This year, however, the ascent was only allowed to run a half-time test against Serbia (1:1). In the country match against Argentina (9. October) or four days later in the EM qualification game in Estonia, the ladder could get a new probation chance.