Ginter: “Hard to imagine when everything is the same”

National player Matthias Ginter (26) is committed to normalising the situation until next year’s soccer game in the Corona crisis.

“I hope that by then everything will be more or less the same. That the fans can move freely again. That they can get into the stadiums. That we can play in sold-out stadiums,”Borussia Munich defender told the Radio Media Group newspapers:”It is difficult at the moment to imagine when everything will be back to normal.”

The European Football Union (UEFA) has its 17th. In March, the EURO 2020, which was to be launched this summer in twelve countries, was due to the Coronavirus pandemic by one year (11). June to 11th. In July 2021) postponed.

Rio World Champion Ginter calls for a realistic assessment of the current situation in the global fight against the virus.” We need to be aware that we are not far away. That it will last. That we have to hold on. And that we all have to work together in solidarity to slow down the wave of the Corona crisis,”said Ginter.