Gislason criticizes hygiene conditions: " otherwise agreed"

Federal trainer Alfred Gislason criticised the hygiene conditions in the team hotel before the German handballers started the World Cup.

“These are circumstances that we had imagined differently and that were promised to us differently. This is so, it does not seem possible to change anything,”said the Icelander the day before the tournament raid on Friday against Uruguay.

As DHB Sports Board Chairman Axel Kromer the day before, Gislason also reported that the Corona measures at the Mena House team hotel in Gizeh are worthy of improvement. For example, the German Handball Association flew its own chef to Egypt, but he could not work due to a lack of work. Also at dinner you meet other teams.

“The Corona discussion hangs over the World Cup –whether you want to or not,” said Gislason, but added with regard to the opening game against Uruguay: “I am delighted that it is finally starting and we are playing. That’s why we’re here, that’s what makes us all the more fun.”

In the run-up to the World Cup several corona cases had overshadowed the start of the tournament. For example, the Czech Republic and the USA had to cancel their participation in the short term due to several COVID-19 diseases, for which they moved north Macedonia and Switzerland.

The German forerunner Cape Verde also travelled to Egypt with Corona concerns. According to media reports, six players and four team members were missing, including head trainer Jose Tomas.” I was very worried until yesterday afternoon whether Cape Verde was even coming. They unfortunately had some cases,”Gislason said about the second German forerunner on Sunday.

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