Gladbach-Knipser talks about ex-coach Favre and the BVB

For years he played with Lucien Favre of the German football league Borussia Dortmund, but Alassane Pl a did not land at the BVB, but at Borussia Munich ngladbach.

Four goals in the first six federal league parties: The statistics of Gladbach New Access Plea can be seen so far. Particularly with his speed and instinct, he made several opponents look old.

Already in his time at OGC Nice, the attacker proved his abilities. His former coach Lucien Favre now praised Plea in the highest tones against “District Sports”: “He has taught me a great deal technically and tactically. He showed me how to demand the ball, how to play ball, how to improve my grade. Favre is a very, very good coach.”

His success in Dortmund does not come from around the Gladbacher:”The Dortmund play a strong offensive football, are good for many goals. It is extremely difficult to fight FC Bavaria in the long term. But, yes: The BVB may become master with this trainer.”

While in France it is swarming only with world-class stormers, such as Antoine Griezmann or Kylian Mbappe, the 25-year-old can understand the discussion about the missing German pincers:”In Germany, in fact, there is no stormer who so regularly meets, as Miroslav Klose did for example. There are Timo Werner, but I don’t know much more classical attackers at the moment.”

At the weekend the foal player wants to continue his success with Borussia in Munich.