Gladbach threatens its own fans with consequences

Football Bundesliga Borussia Munich has to pay 80.000 Euro penalty after Gladbach supporters at the 1:2 defeat at BVB on 17. Start pyrotechnics game day. Now the foals have reacted.

Managing Director Stephan Schippers spoke after the DFB’s affirmed sentence against “image” and found clear words. For us, the level of this penalty is a new dimension and we are at a point where we have to think about what we can and must do to keep further harm from the club.”

Gladbach could”not accept that things happen from individual perpetrators out of the anonymity of the fan curve, The 51-year-old continues to say that they are causing massive damage to our club. In the end, it damages the behaviour of the affected supporters of “the whole fan scene”.

The measures discussed internally should include the “picture” according to stadium prohibitions and civil lawsuits, in order to get back part of the 80.000 euro financial penalty.