Gomez defies: “It doesn’t matter who shoots the gates”

At least two people at VfB Stuttgart are convinced of Mario Gomez’qualities as a goalkeeper. One is Coach Markus Weinzierl. The other is Gomez himself.

Under Weinzierl the former national player has not yet met in six games, but was nevertheless allowed to stand in the starting eleven each time and is defended verbally at every opportunity. And the 33-year-old says of himself, “I know that I always meet, sooner or later.”

When I whistle on Sunday evening against the table second Borussia Munich League, the deadlless time in the football Bundesliga is 530 minutes. Gomez is not at all at peace with it.

“It is part of the life of a stormer that the ball does not go in,” says the Routinier. He speaks from experience. In his career he had already had a phase with at least six Bundesliga games without his own goal.

Minutes do not count, Gomez always says. And in general, it is relatively easy for fans and journalists to criticise him: “In a middle-fielder, you have to understand something about football in order to be able to tell whether or not it plays well. With a goalie or stormer one can see the facts.”

Mario Gomez suffers from the offensive weakness of VfB Stuttgart

Critics draw their arguments from the overall impression Gomez is currently making on the field. Too old, too slow, the goalkeeper away- this impression is understandable when you see him standing in the square in the past weeks.

Gomez gets hardly usable examples of his colleagues, but nevertheless has a really good chance in every game. But he has since the gate at 1:3 against Hanover 96 on the seventh. Only: His values do not prove this sense of truth, as the “kicker” showed in his title story about the football player of the year of 2007.

Pro 90 minutes the attacker runs this season in section 9,6 kilometers, in the background 2016/2017 it was 9,7 kilometers. The number of matches and the percentage of duels won has hardly changed. Gomez sprints twice less per 90 minutes on average, but has even become a little faster –his maximum speed went from 32,34 to 32,59 hour kilometers.

VfB trainer winemaker does not question Mario Gomez

“I don’t play here now because I once played well, but I play, Because the coach thinks I can be decisive. And I expect that from myself too,”says Gomez, who plays an enormously important role in the team structure of the Swabians and is especially a valuable advisor to young players such as Nicolas Gonzalez.” I’m still convinced that’s enough to help here at the VfB in the starting eleven of the team. The confidence is always there.”

Trainer Weinzierl does not question the man who, after 310 league games with 166 goals, still comes to the impressive quota of 0.54 goals per game anyway.” Here I am pragmatic: if you have such a quota, it will be so again,”he says.

Gomez himself would even be happy and satisfied if he had to wait until after Christmas for his fourth season songwriter.” The most important thing is the team. That’s how I play, that’s how I feel now, maybe it wasn’t always like that, but now it is, and it feels good,”he says.”It’s not always like that. If we win the next four games until winter break 1:0 and I don’t do any of them, I’ll sign it immediately.”