Goretzka on AfD success: “One reaches the head”

Leon Goretzka observes the successes of the right-wing populist party AfD with “concern”.

“One looks at one’s head and wonders how this can happen,” said FC Bavarian Munich’s national football player in an interview with “Spox” and “DAZN”: “I don’t think many people are convinced, but for lack of alternatives choose the AfD.”

Many people in Germany were afraid of the future or felt dependent, said the 25-year-old:”For these people, the solution is often to see the problem in other areas such as migration.”It is therefore the task, “to enlighten these people with knowledge. If you approach them with a lot of understanding and recognize and treat their real problems, the problem of right-wing populism will also be solved again”.

Goretzka sees himself, his professional colleagues and football in general in responsibility.” Fritz Walter once said that all national players are foreign ministers in short pants. I like that saying. We players should use the great attention we get to raise awareness of such issues,”he said.

The midfielder has recently spoken more often in this direction. This was important so that German history would not repeat itself, he stressed: “The visit of a concentration camp should be a compulsory event for everyone.”

Goretzka himself was recently in Dachau again on a free day outside the gates of Munich. When he first visited the memorial “at twelve or thirteen years old” with his father and a friend’s family, he “began to cry because it all came to me,” he said.