Grand Prix of China: The most important facts

The Formula One fans can hardly wait for the next duel between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. After the opening victory of the Ferrari star in Australia, the Mercedes pilot intends to strike back in Shanghai in the second season race on Sunday (from 8:00 o’clock in The fans are excited about the second act in this still young duel of the year. After his start-up coup in Australia before Hamilton, Vettel goes to the second Grand Prix of the season with increased confidence. The 5451 kilometer long course is not one of the parade tracks of the Heppenheimer or Ferrari.

Vettel could only win 2009 at the gates of Mega City, the Scuderia last 2013 by Fernando Alonso. The last Pole for the Italians came from 2004, when Rubens Barrichello was at the premiere in Shanghai at the best time. In the past five years, on the other hand, a silver arrow has always been at the forefront of the starting line.

Will the Grand Prix of China provide reliable information about the power relations 2017?

One can assume. The city course in Melbourne with its predictable overtaking potential is not considered as a mandatory measure of the performance of cars during the season. Shanghai already. The long straight lines demand engine power, the varied curves demand aerodynamics.

Not only with Mercedes one assumes that China can show in terms of position struggles what formula 1 really has to offer with broader and faster cars after its reform”. We also have to wait to see what role the weather plays: Showers are predicted.

Can Pascal Wehrlein finally make his debut at Clean?

Worndorfer will also miss the second season race. After his accident at the fun event “Race of Champions” in January, the 22-year-old still considers the fitness delay too serious. After the severe neck injury Wehrlein hopes to be topfit at the latest for the race in Russia at the end of April.

“The most important thing for me is that I can train very hard and intensively to get my performance up as quickly as possible a hundred percent,” said Wehrlein. As in Australia, the aspiring Italian Antonio Giovinazzi will replace him with Cleaner.

Can the frustrated Fernando Alonso and McLaren hope for a slight recovery?

Who from the McLaren perspective thought Melbourne was already sobering, could once again be negatively surprised in Shanghai.” The long straight lines are likely to reveal our weaknesses,”predicted race director Eric Boullier, unambiguously talking about the weak Honda engine. We expect the China Grand Prix to become even more difficult than Australia,”said Honda racing leader Yusuke Hasegawa.

The power deficit of the drive cannot even compensate for an exceptional driver like Fernando Alonso. In Melbourne, the two-time World Champion was only a few laps away, Stoffel Vandoorne was a 13-year-old who clearly missed the points.