Great riddle: Daniel Ricciardo hopes for strategy

What a slap in the face: Actually, Red Bull City Course Specialist Daniel Ricciardo had chosen to be more promising pilots for the Singapore victory, and although the Aussie was specially preparing for the weekend, it set a bitter defeat against Max Verstappen: 0, 662 finished second in spite of his motorcycle puck Ricciardo, who only became sixth. The polled pole was missing almost a second.

“This is really frustrating because at the beginning of the qualifying it looked like it could work with the pole. I had a feeling in Q1 that we were at the music and had paid off the set-up changes,”he wonders. About Q2 and Q3 everyone found a second or more and we just stayed on the same level, maybe found a tenth. Why don’t I know.”

So it didn’t even help that Red Bull for Ricciardo’s second attempt switched back to the original set-up from Q1, with which he had driven best time.” Sometimes you don’t get smart out of your car,”he shows himself completely clueless. It’s not like driving was bad all the time. At first it fit, but then it subsided within an hour. I don’t know.”

Ricciardo: Also had miscommunications

While teammates flocked to the RB14 chassis after qualifying, but the Renault drive unit scorned because of the shutters, Ricciardo’s criticism is more directed towards Chassis. Did this “as suggested by Team Leader Christian Horner” have to do with the fact that Ricciardo had fewer drive problems?”

“I guess we probably had the same problems,”Ricciardo surprises with his answer. A few problems with the driveability and the misfires, so little things. I don’t think that lasted half a second. And I’m not saying that now because I want to be nice to Renault. In the open training it was bad, but then it got better.”

Rattless Ricciardo does not detect a conspiracy

That Verstappen’s criticism focused on Renault,”probably has to do with the fact that he was more satisfied with the car and I was not. That’s why I complain more about the car.”Conspiracy theorists might now come up with the idea that Renault Ricciardo prefers to hide Red Bull, but that’s the idea the disappointed Red Bull pilot immediately refers to the realm of fables.

“It’s strange that my lap times have not improved, Although the route has become faster, but I do not want to say that there is a conspiracy,”he says. Rather, he now wants to concentrate on the race, even if the starting situation is difficult, as overtaking manoeuvres on the Marina Bay Street Circuit are as good as impossible.

strategy or madman: Ricciardo’s hopes in the race

“Our long run pace will surely be good, and we can also keep up with the tyres, but if everyone puts on a stop, it will be difficult unless someone makes a mistake,”he draws a dark picture.”It’s not easy. So we have to see that these tires stick with us for as long as possible, and hope that the people in front of us will break the tires and then have to run a two-stop strategy.”

Ricciardo does not think that this is impossible:”Ferrari tried to get through with the ultrasound tyre in Q2. That tells me they didn’t want to start the hyperdrive because they might get in trouble.”What else could help the Red Bull pilot?” When someone runs on the track like in the year 2015,”he jokes.