Greens criticize handball World Cup in Egypt

The Greens do not go far enough in criticising Egypt as the host of the Handball World Cup.

“We should not forget that there are other things besides Corona that need to be discussed when organizing this World Cup in Egypt,” stressed Omid Nouripour (45), party foreign policy spokesman, and referred to the “catastrophic human rights situation” on the ground.

So far he has heard “hardly any real criticism”, Nouripour told the “SID”: “For about 60.000 political prisoners, systematic torture and 57 executions just between last October and November this is a little surprising. These are crimes that the union officials must openly address.”

The alarming situation was recently also brought to the attention of organisations such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. There was also a lot of criticism of the host country in relation to the Handball World Cup. However, the focus has always been on Corona and how to deal with the pandemic in a relaxed way from the perspective of many players and officials.

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