Haas start: Remain Questionmark

After twelve Formula One races Haas has just settled in the royal class, but with the new rules 2017 is already threatening the next mammoth task.

30 years after his debut in Formula 1 Haas 2016 returned to the royal class. Thanks to the close cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari, the only American racing centre in the season was able to collect 28-World Cup counters and is in the construction value of place eight in front of Renault, Manor and Clean. A success for the team and its drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez. Especially Grosjean’s sixth and fifth place in Australia and Bahrain stunned the competition.

Since then, the scores have fallen sharply, strategic errors and the updates of the competition have brought Haas back to the bottom of the facts. In addition, there is the development for 2017, which is based on a completely new regulation and places a particularly high burden on a team as young as Haas. The question whether 2016 was not a bad time to start in the light of the new rules in the following year is a direct one.

Steiner: There is no perfect time

If you look back, there is never a good or perfect time to get into formula 1, because there are always changes in the rules,”replies Haas team leader Gunter Steiner in a conversation with’’and recalls the changes of recent years:”The new engines 2013 were a huge change, and you would have had four years with the new chassis, but now the engine will also be changed three years later.”

“So there is never a good time to get in or out of sports. You have to decide when to get in and then deal with it,”says Steiner. The march path for the near future of his team is clear: After the Monza Grand Prix in three weeks Haas wants to set his driver’s pair for 2017 in order to create the stability needed for a successful season finale. An update package should also help with this at the Singapore Grand Prix.

For Grosjean and Gutierrez there should then be a new front wing as well as a new floor and new brake ventilations. Steiner explains in the’ESPN’interview that the parts had already been developed and produced a few months ago. However, there was nothing to break and the production processes were further optimised with regard to 2017. However, the business plan remains the same: Haas plans to continue buying as much as possible from external suppliers.