Haas team leader threatens consequences after criticism

Had we not been a completely stupid, idiotic commissioner, we would have fallen behind,”Haas te am leader Gunter Steiner padded after the Russian Grand Prix on Kevin Magnussen’s boxing radio.

The South Tyrolean added:”You know, who he is…”After that he broke the radio. Magnussen could still become niner despite his five-second sentence. Now Steiner is facing consequences.

The team leader was not only angry about the decision of the commissioners, but also Magnussen himself criticised the decision. What had happened? He got off the ideal line in curve 2 in the duel against Sergio Perez and had to go back to the track via the asphalt exhaust zone.

When returning, the Haas driver had to go around two pylons to the left, but he only made one. Therefore, he did not consider the punishment appropriate. He not only got five seconds added to his result, but also a penalty point.” This is bullshit! p>

Steiner agreed to the tenor and thus dealt with the FIA’s troubles. Although there were no discussions directly after the race with race leader Michael Masi, behind the scenes with team manager Peter Crolla.

It is not the first time Steiner has spoken critically about FIA officials. But this time, it could be a copycat. It seems that the World Federation wants to take a closer look at the statements. Pikant: Emanuele Pirro was the driving commissioner in Sochi. The Italian was already in the public eye in Canada when Sebastian Vettel was punished.

Masi demands respect

FIA is expected to visit an informal conversation with Steiner at the upcoming race in Japan. However, the case could also be formalised. Racing instructor Masi has referred to various “legal processes” of the FIA that could get on the train.

A similar incident already occurred 2017 when Sebastian Vettel had insulted racing leader Charlie Whiting during the Mexican race in a fit of rage. The German, however, avoided an official procedure, as he apologized to the British in a personal letter.

Steiner could become a loser of the FIA International Sports Code. It states in Article 12.1.1(f) “Any statement, act or record that harms the reputation of the AIF, its bodies, its members’associations or officials” is a breach of the rules. The penalty for such a breach of the rules can range from a simple warning to a fine to a lock.

The race commissioners also have the possibility in their exercise of power to apply the sports code and pass the incident on to their colleagues at the next Grand Prix. This could mean that Steiner has to visit the race commissioners at the upcoming race in Suzuka.

When Masi was approached after the race for the statement, he held that he could not decide in this case.” I heard there were some comments on boxing radio. However, I did not hear them, so I will not comment on them either.”

Whiting’s successor stressed:”We are all here to do our job, whether the officers, the teams, just all of us. We must therefore respect each other.”