Hamilton demands more respect for his achievements

Does Lewis Hamilton win his Formula One races and titles just because he’s in the best car? The British often hear this reproach, even from former racing drivers. But in Turkey, the Mercedes pilot has shown what is in it, and that he can also win Grand Prix, which are not really going his way.

I want more of these conditions,”he says.”I want more of these conditions,”he says.” Because the more opportunities like this come, the more I can show what I can do.”The race in Turkey has shown him that he deserves his respect.” I think my colleagues will give it to me. You know how difficult it was and that it wasn’t necessarily the car.”

But Hamilton also knows that not all of them are of this opinion:”I am told that there are interesting statements from previous drivers,”he suggests, that some ex-pilots do not appreciate his performance.

He himself wants to do it differently later: “I promise and hope that I will stand by my word that in ten or 20 years after my career end I will promote and encourage the next youngsters –whether it is Lando (Norris), George (Russell), Max (understand) or whoever it is,”says Hamilton.”I don’t know. I know how hard it is to do the job. And I know how this world works.”

Hamilton: With”rocket engine”for first card success

Of course Hamilton also knows that motor sports cannot be done without the right material. With Mercedes, he is on the right team and without it, a driver has never won the championship, he stresses.

This goes down for him to the card game, where he remembers his first championship.” I drove there, and the kid who won there had rocket motors t hat were killed by Jenson Button’s father,”says Hamilton.”I’m not going anywhere. These engines were real rockets.”

With his”cheap, shitty fifth-hand engine”he had no chance to keep up. Only when his competitor moved to another class did Hamilton have the chance to buy this engine himself.” I remember my dad had to take out another mortgage on the house to get this 2.000 pound expensive engine.”

And with a better engine he was able to beat his opponent permanently.” Of course you need the right equipment, and you always will. But it also depends on what you do with it. And hopefully you could see it this time.”