Hamilton excludes motorcycle career

The fact that Lewis Hamilton is a wild dog probably no longer needs to be told. The Brit falls off the track from one adventure to the next and seems to have many hobbies. One of them: motorcycles.

On them he likes to give gas once and even dreams of a MotoGP test, hence it is obvious that after his active Formula One time he could switch to two wheels and imitate Michael Schumacher, for example, who also participated in motorcycle races.

But the Mercedes pilot has no interest in this: I will definitely ride bikes, but I will not contest races,”he emphasises.”I will definitely do so.” I think I’ll probably be too old for that.”Currently Hamilton is 31-year-old and thus still has a few seasons ahead of him in formula 1. However, Michael Schumacher was also able to keep up well with almost 40 years and show some remarkable achievements in the IDM.

The German at the time stated that he contested the races mainly “for fun in the joy and pleasure of the competition”, but Hamilton is too ambitious for such an attitude and knows, that he will never be able to take up with the professionals: “Most motorcyclists have had a similar career to me and have come up through the categories in young years, learning all the tricks,” he says.

Equal opportunities excluded

“There is no chance, that I get on the bike and know about as much as the others. No matter how many tests I would contest: it would take forever to catch up with someone like that in terms of knowledge about tires, setup and weight distribution,”Hamilton wavers.”I don’t have the time at all, because I’m getting older.”And so it will be for the British, who privately owns some MV Agustas and Ducatis, The number of pilots who have built up a career in two-wheeling after four-wheeling can be seen very clearly. On the other hand, there are some pilots who were successful on four wheels after starting motorcycle sports. Damon Hill, Formula One World Champion 1996, also started his career on motorcycles, and John Surtees managed the trick of being both motorcycle and Formula One World Champion.