Hamilton father: Lewis lives in motorsport bubble

They used to be a dirty unit, but today Lewis Hamilton and Father Anthony usually go their separate ways. But the fact that the former prodigy of motor sports has become rich, flighty and a superstar after his all too fairy tale laundry career would not have changed him.

Lewis is the same as he always was, but he lives in the motor sport bubble today,”Hamilton senior says in a conversation with”CNN”. He adds that Lewis is still showing his true colors.

His father means the excitement of seemingly disrespectful behavior at Suzuka’s press conference. The message then: “You journalists have your work to do, but I do not enjoy it. So why don’t we do it differently?”It wouldn’t have been the twisted ego of a superstar, but the machinist mentality that he would have put in his crib early on.

Anthony Hamilton thinks of his own past:”We came out of nowhere and there was no one who would have told me, how to handle things. I always had to work things out for myself. I only knew that I had to believe in myself.”He will not tire of emphasising and repeating his message over and over again: Believing in oneself moves mountains.

“One must not put too much pressure on his children”

“If someone tells me today that his son or daughter is not good enough, I just think, “I’m sorry, but they’re great!” We’re all great people,”he says, but finds,”Don’t put too much pressure on your children. It’s about gently encouraging them. One must then find out what they are really interested in and devote to one part of his life.”No question and despite all Pathos –that is exactly what Hamilton sen. succeeded with exemplary success.

Not only his son, Anthony Hamilton also made such an impressive career. In the past, as a single father, he earned his money with poorly paid occasional jobs, often with several at the same time. He became rich as manager of his son and other riders.

Disabled brother is “the bigger superstar”

Today he sells a self-developed fitness machine that is supposed to teach football talent high-level tricks with the ball. And paves the way for the Premier League, Visionary Hamilton suggests, because in England the weather is too bad if in southern Europe is still clicked hard in winter. It remains a secret what he would have said at the proud price of 270 euros twenty years ago.

Another Hamilton his father has not forgotten: “Nic is the bigger superstar of the two. He is an impressive young man,”he says to 24-year-old Nicolas, who suffers from cerebral paralysis. He couldn’t walk 18 months after he was born. In the hospital they said:’He will never go and here is a pair of glasses, because soon he will be blind.’In fact, the 24-year-old today even races in the British Touring Car Championship.