Hamilton fights: Love the challenge

Lewis Hamilton is not worried about the remaining 43 points on his teammate Nico Rosberg. It is as it is,”said the three-time world champion at the press conference at the Spanish Grand Prix.”It is as it is.” I love the challenge.”

After his victory at the World Cup Triumph on 25th. October 2015 in Austin Hamilton did not win anymore. The 43-time Grand Prix winner was slowed down in the last two races in China and Russia mainly by defects on his silver arrow. Once again, however, the 31-year-old Brit stood before his crew and rejected conspiracy theories. The problems I had had had nothing to do with the mechanics.”

Before the season Mercedes had decided to go through the mechanics crews of Rosberg and Hamilton. Since then, the champion has had to contend with defects again and again. The boys have been doing a fantastic job for Nico and me for three and a half years,”Hamilton assures, adding,”I’m not worried about that. I believe in this team for a hundred percent.”

Nevertheless, he hopes, on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to be able to press the reset button: “Let’s wait and see.” In addition to his own catch-up on the Rosberg Series Seeker, Hamilton also keeps an eye on the Ferrari Stalker with four-time champion Sebastian Vettel and former title bearer Kimi. They have been very close so far and they will continue to try.”

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