Hamilton grateful for hiding maneuvers

Lewis Hamilton does not want to talk about another skirmish with the Red Bull Youngster after his duel with Max Verstappen at the China Grand Prix on Sunday. As the Mercedes pilot says, at the beginning of the second half of the race, the duel would not have been comparable to the hard fight a week ago in Bahrain, even though Messer Schneide was back on his feet.

There could have been some small wood. When he arrived on fresh tires after the safety-car phase, he tried to do it with an ambitious maneuver on the outer runway in curve 7, where overtaking is considered almost impossible. Hamilton, too, wonders why his competitor, who was clearly equipped with a faster car, was not more patient at the time.

A top rider certainly was not,”answers Hamilton to the question of whether he had ever attacked at the point in question. In curve 8 more is possible, but the outer lane in curve 7 is always very dirty and the passage very, very fast and very, very long.” When his car backed away from the ideal line and he robbed through the exit zone.

“I didn’t see him at all”

However, there may have been another reason for the departure. On the online recordings of the scene, it is clear that Hamilton “twitched” slightly with the car when passing through curve 7. The silver arrow moved a few centimeters away from the ideal line to the outside towards hiding. Normal loss of grip or a trick to get rid of constipation?

Hamilton makes it clear: “I didn’t see him at all, but I drove normally through the curve.” So no implied elbow check after he had called constipation after the Bahrain collision a moron.” When I saw the replay, I didn’t understand why he went there in the first place. It was not a problem for me, according to Hamilton.

Hamilton “grateful” for tapping maneuvers

After understanding the matter knew how to solve it even more elegantly, There was almost a second contact with Hamilton when the Red Bull driver collided with Sebastian Vettel in the hairpin curve and he had to make his way through the competitors facing the direction of travel: “I did not see them, When I turned to the dividing line, they looked me in the face. I thought, “I can’t get as far inside as Kimi”

“I definitely had the fear of clearing one of them”just as they were about to turn around,”says Hamilton, who eventually exits half to the exit zone. He does not deny that he got caught up in a daring maneuver, but ultimately it cost Vettel WM-Leader many points.” Of course, I’m grateful for the way he drives,”Hamilton says, going right back to it,”I don’t mean anything. It was simply a good day for us.”