Hamilton on the trail of Ayrton Sennas

Lewis Hamilton is working in the Formula One best list step by step this season. At the podium seats, the Mercedes pilot could be like the legend Ayrton Senna already in Belgium.

79 Once in his career the British was already on the podium, the Brazilian only once more. However, the number one contested is also in this category Michael Schumacher. The record world champion collected 155 podium strings.

For the Poles in series Hamilton has at least within reach of the 1994 deceased Senna. The Silver Arrow driver secured the starting position five times in a row; Senna’s best brand is located across the season at eight 1988/89. In that period he also started 24-time in series of rank one or two. Hamilton has so far succeeded in doing so in 18 Grand Prix in a row.

Frankly, I never really think about statistics,”Hamilton once admitted.”I don’t think about statistics.” But it’s nice to be called Ayrton in one breath. As a child I always wanted to follow him.”

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