Hamilton surprised with statements about Schumacher’s record

Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton apparently can’t quite classify his next best brand by himself.

I don’t know exactly what it means to me, just as many other things are happening in the world,”the British responded in Sochi on Thursday to the question of the shoemaker record of 91 Grand Prix victories, He also doesn’t know if he’s going to win the Sochi race, Hamilton said: “But yes, you’re right, one day I’ll probably make it to the 91. But is that so important to me? I don’t know.”

It will be”definitely an honor”for him to set the record of the legendary Michael Schumacher and probably to surpass at some point.

Sebastian Vettel, himself four times world champion and still a confessed fan of Schumacher, “Michael is still my idol, so it’s kind of a shame that he’s about to lose that record,” said the Ferrari pilot on Thursday. “But I also have great respect for Lewis’s performance, because this 91 seemed like a number that could never be reached again for a long time.”

Schumacher won his first Grand Prix 1992 in a Benetton in a spa, the last one he celebrated at the China 2006 Grand Prix in the Ferrari. Hamilton won his first Canadian race 2007 for McLaren.