Handball World Cup game plan reconfigured

The game plan of the German Handballer’s Homecoming Championships from 1st to 17th December is changed by the broadcasts on free TV.

The team of German trainer Michael Biegler is now playing on the 3rd of December at 20:30 instead of 18:00 clock against South Korea. A possible eight-finals with German participation in Magdeburg would also take place on the 10th of December at 20:30 o’clock.

For the Leipzig Preliminary Game Day on the 6th of December a change occurred independent of the new TV situation: Due to the Champions League game of football players of RB Leipzig versus Besiktas Istanbul in the neighbouring Red Bull Arena needs to be adapted to the WM program. The selection of the German Handball Federation will play their match against China at 18-o’clock.

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