Having bad successors only at “monster offer”

Since January, there has been clarity: goalkeeper Alexander Nebula will leave FC Schalke 04 in the direction of FC Bayern next summer. Rumors of possible successors have been circulating in Gelsenkirchen ever since. A Belgian national player is also in the draw.

Therefore the boys are interested in Hendrik Van Crombrugge from the RSC Anderlecht. This is reported on the page “The Last News”. The problem is, the end-man should be anything but a bargain. Without mentioning a specific price, Anderlecht will only let the 26-year-olds draw for a “monster offer,” it says.

This is mainly because the Belgian club will probably stand there in summer without a goalie. Oldie Frank Boeckx is expected to end his career and work as a gatekeeper trainer, Davy Roef’s own growers are not trusted with the necessary potential and Thomas Didillon is likely to stay outside of his loan with KRC Genk.

Schalke should therefore reach deep into his pocket, to hire the head of the Royal Sporting Club. Since the Keeper is still bound to change direction until 2023.

Will Van Crombrugge soon become a national player?

Van Crombrugge had only last summer converted for 2,25 million euros from the league competitor KAS Eupen to record champion. Since then, the 1,88-metre finish man has been convincing as a safe backup. In 29-season games, Van Crombrugge has been eliminated twelve times.

Meanwhile, Van Crombrugge is also part of the extended Belgian national team. However, despite some nominations, he has not yet been used for the Red Devil.

In addition, Schalke seems to be well positioned for the new season with Markus Schubert and Routinier Ralf Ferrmann (currently awarded to Brann Bergen.

Should the latter finally break off his tents in Gelsenkirchen, a cadre spot would be vacant and Van Crombrugge would probably be a hot candidate.