Hazard talks about Gladbach, Atletitico and the BVB

With great hopes and full confidence Thorgan Hazard goes into his first season with the BVB. The Belgian has already noticed that the clocks tick differently in Dortmund than in Gladbach.

“Of course I feel more pressure here in the first weeks,” Hazard told the “Sports Image”. The international interest in the club was also greater than in Gladbach. To do this, he experiences “a greater competition struggle” than with the foals.

Despite the higher demands, the Belgian in Dortmund already feels powdery. This is exactly what I need to improve on in order to take the next step,”the 26-year-old confirms that he will quickly get used to the new requirements.

The”next step”, which is clear to Hazard, would be the gain of a title. Of course, if your title competitor is called Bavaria Munich, it’s not that simple. But we are trying,”promised the 25-million-man.

Hazard about Gladbach’s farewell:”Not easy”

That his farewell from Gladbach did not go smoothly after a weak backspin and even some fans were not good to speak to him last, Hazard is aware.”Hazard is aware that his farewell from Gladbach did not go smoothly after a weak backspin and that some fans were not good to speak to him last, too.” Of course, I wish I had a nicer goodbye. The last few months have not been easy,”the midfielder admitted.

“The round back was not easy, hardly one of us has played as well as before the winter break,”Hazard looked back on his last months in Gladbach. He would have liked to have said goodbye to the supporters when he joined the Champions League, “but the return to the Europa League was also a small success.”

He himself had nothing to reproach himself for in the back round despite his crisis in form, Hazard said: “Up to the last game I gave everything for Gladbach.” He regrets that at this stage I was unable to help the team in this way, and that I was not able to help the team. as I would have liked to have done.”

Hazard confirms contacts with Atletitico

During his time there was contact with Borussia Monkngladbach not only with the BVB but also with another top European club.” There was a time when Atletitico wanted to commit me,”Hazard said that the Madrid people showed interest in him:”But it was not the right time at the time.”

When the Belgian finally decided to say goodbye to the foals, however, a change to the Spanish capital was no longer an issue. At that time there was no contact,”said Hazard.