Heidel on stroke: “Had more luck than brains”

The former Bundesliga manager Christian Heidel is “doing well” according to his own information after his stroke in August.

This was said by the 56-year-old Mainzer in an interview with the “General Newspaper”. “The General Newspaper I feel fitter than before.”The incident took place in Heidel’s Turkey vacation.

“I was very lucky, luckier than I thought, and also good doctors,”said the former sports director of the FSV Mainz 05 and FC Schalke 04.”I had a lot of luck, more luck than brains and good doctors.” But I don’t want to try it again.”He still wants to take some time before he talks about it in more detail in public.

According to the newspaper Heidel is thinking of taking a trip to England at Christmas around 26. In December to see Leicester City’s top game against FC Liverpool. Heidel has been friends with Reds-Trainer Jurgen Klopp since his time in Mainz. The three best coaches in the world today are called Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and Pep Guardiola –they shape football in Europe,”Heidel said.

“Kloppo is the total package of an ideal coach. Everything fits there: a supertype, an all-radiant aura, a world-class trainer. And if he is now also an English champion, he has achieved everything that was expected of him in record time.”

Klopp has already won the Champions League with Liverpool, now the first championship since thirty years ago. Tuchel (Paris Saint-Germain) once also developed into a top centre in Mainz.