Herthas Stark without fear of restarting

National player Niklas Stark of Hertha BSC is not afraid of a possible restart of the football league despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Of course one should be careful with the whole issue, as the young past has shown us. Nevertheless, one should pursue the profession in order to simply get back to a normal life and not be so impressed that one cannot lead the life one imagines,”said the 25-year-old defender. Of course, it’s already in the back of your head and you don’t hug everyone like normal. One should respect this, but to a healthy extent.”

The game operation of the Bundesliga is currently up to 30. April interrupted, on Thursday the German Football League discusses the further course of action during a meeting of members. We hope to get back to normal,”Stark said. But he expects to have trouble getting started after the break.” I believe that the team cannot be at 100 percent on the first day of the game after the Coronavirus phase.”Currently, the Berliners are training in rear groups without direct contact and competitions.

During the Coronavirus crisis Stark himself was already in house quarantine twice as a contact person. He would be sceptical about the purely theoretical case of complete isolation from teams until the end of the season.” It’s a path that would work, no question. Whether you can go through with it or go through with it, the question will be, because we are not machines, but people who need friends and family,”Stark stressed.”We are not machines, but people who need friends and family.” This is why it is very difficult to have an opinion of your own now.”

Such a scenario is not covered in the draft concept of the”Task Force Sports Medicine/Special Gaming Operations”, which the news magazine”The Mirror”posted online.